Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Week's Top 5 Zazzle stores

Well, I've seen a bunch of stores now on Zazzle where I'm amazed with the quality of design and offerings. So, as I ramp up tweeting and blogging, I'd like to start exposing these great stores to any eyeballs that may be reading. Anyone here...anyone?
In no particular order, I'm going to be going through my list of favorites. I don't join fan clubs of anyone who simply joins mine, so I'd like to think that I'm selective in my choosing. Happy cruising!

1. i_dentity

2. Kimiyo Prints

3. Magic Zoo
The fox and the crow - greeting card card
The fox and the crow - greeting card by chopstix Browse more cards available on zazzle

4. Cardstop

5. Simply Chic

*** Next week, LOOK for 5 more NEW stores that I will feature! ***

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