Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Time to Get Serious"

Did I already use that line? Well, now I mean it. Last night I had fun staying up past 11pm, hopping around websites finding inspiring stuff. Either things people were making, expos for artists, or simply finally adding a Twitter button to my blog here. 

I'm inspired and ready to write down my "things to do" list. 

1. Contact Toy Store in town about carrying some children themed cards. I have some that would suffice. The owner already told me to bring them in, she'd love to carry some. (Not much room on their checkout counter though.) 

2. Organize card collections to sell bundles on Etsy. I have the photos, but will look to see if they are worthy of using. Brooklyn and Time cards. Maybe start more bilingual cards for a 3rd theme. 

3. Put items on Etsy. 

4. Create more Zazzle cards with newest photos, or make some illustrations. 

5. Finish painting I started over a month ago. Is looking like a childrens' storybook page. 

6.Order new computer with Creative Suite Design. 

I'd say that's about enough for now. Don't wanna go crazy too fast :) I'll check in on this list in a few weeks to see how much i've gotten done. ~ V.

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