Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Holiday Card, Awarded "Today's Best" by Zazzle 11/19/11

Yesterday, I was thrilled to open up email and find a congratulations note, from a fellow Zazzler, on my TBA. It's always nice to know someone's seen and admired work you've created. This past weekend, I was scrambling to add a couple of new Holiday designs to my store. Could use a few more for sure, but this latest batch is off to a good start. Now for some sales!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Week's Top 5 Zazzle Stores

 As always, finding different products on Zazzle, I find attractive, encourages me to get busy with my own designs! Sorry for the long delay in posting Top 5 list, but Zazzle's previous navigation system was making it take longer than it should have. Kudos to Zazzle for making the nav bar easier.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

WoW, is it possible my blog writing has been on hiatus for the last 3 months?

Good lord, time has flown. Since my last blog entry, I've been given ProSeller Status at Zazzle! Now I have to figure out how to add that icon to my store.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Child Artist Has Solo Show in Chelsea!

Come on! I see the video of this cute little girl playing with paints, as my own daughter has done. But when I see the oodles of paint being squeezed out of the tubes onto the floor, little sticky hands, and on clothing, all I think about it the $ it cost for said tube of paint, and the pain factor of cleaning the kid and the clothes.  Guess i'm not an Artist enough. :)

Aelita Andre 4 yr old Artist at work

Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Time to Get Serious"

Did I already use that line? Well, now I mean it. Last night I had fun staying up past 11pm, hopping around websites finding inspiring stuff. Either things people were making, expos for artists, or simply finally adding a Twitter button to my blog here. 

I'm inspired and ready to write down my "things to do" list. 

1. Contact Toy Store in town about carrying some children themed cards. I have some that would suffice. The owner already told me to bring them in, she'd love to carry some. (Not much room on their checkout counter though.) 

2. Organize card collections to sell bundles on Etsy. I have the photos, but will look to see if they are worthy of using. Brooklyn and Time cards. Maybe start more bilingual cards for a 3rd theme. 

3. Put items on Etsy. 

4. Create more Zazzle cards with newest photos, or make some illustrations. 

5. Finish painting I started over a month ago. Is looking like a childrens' storybook page. 

6.Order new computer with Creative Suite Design. 

I'd say that's about enough for now. Don't wanna go crazy too fast :) I'll check in on this list in a few weeks to see how much i've gotten done. ~ V.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Spring is in the Air

And it's about darn tootin' time! During the winter months I haven't been too productful. Lack of sun does that to me. But now, as the sun promises to warm up soon, and bring forth those gorgeous Spring flowers, I'm rejuvenated. A simple bouquet purchase at Trader Joe's, is now the subject matter of some new floral photographs I'll be turning into Zazzle products.

Here's the first one made into a "Save the Date" postcard. A real quickie that ended up taking too much time for the end product. Which, frustrated me enough, to put off doing more for another day.

What's My Niche?

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