Thursday, January 11, 2018

What I've Learned So Far, Reading, "Etsy Empire"

I'm almost through reading "Etsy Empire". Now, mind you, I haven't read the absolute beginning part still, but before I put the book down, I'll definitely look at the preliminary pages. So...have I learned anything mind blowing? I've dog earred a few pages with info worth going back to. Let's look now at some of them.

Pg 23: "Sell stuff that people already want to buy"
So here, they're suggesting you take a look at what's coming up in the search fields of Etsy. That makes sense. For me, I see a lot of personalization in ring dishes as popular items. Jewelry, I haven't tuned in yet to a BIG seller, because it's so huge. Maybe birthstone options. And that's an area I'm looking into by creating January Birthstone Garnet pieces. 

Pg 73: "Tags and additional SEO"
Tags are super important. You get about 30 chances to use good ones on Etsy. Mentioned in this chapter is a tool that can help compare 2 similar tags for popularity, views per day and relevance. Pretty helpful right? The link is:

Pg 106: This page is talking about Pinterest for Etsy Sellers. It breaks down the demographic for Pinterest users. They both share a common core user group. Over 68% are women between 25-45.

Pg 109: Here are various website links that help you out with pinterest tips.

Pg 117: Just some Facebook banner sizes. Cover image is 851x315 pixels.

Pg 120: Various Facebook apps for Etsy sellers. Will check them out before posting links.

Pg 123: Twitter tips link. I don't do much with twitter, but I might check this out.

That's it for now. Ta-ta, till next time, which should be next week. Hold me to it!!


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