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What's my Story?

Over the past year and a half, I feel like I've read a lot of advice online and in book form, about how to sell stuff. It doesn't mean I know everything, by any stretch of the imagination, but one little advice nugget, I'm starting to slowly jive to. Which is, "What's your story? How is your shop different than someone else's down the street?" Initially my inner voice would answer, "Nothing, except that I make pretty things". The problem with that answer is that it doesn't help me to get that hook. Something that will drive customers to even want to bother seeing what it is I have to offer. 

It only hit me yesterday, as I was sanding down some new clay bowls, that when I make something, it's not a perfectly manufactured looking product. You can see my finger prints in the clay, the parts where I've pinched down the sides, making it thin. Or on my jewelry, where I've curled gold wire into some funky swirly just to make it secure ar…

Holy Moly, Domain Mess!!

Where do I begin? My last post here was in March. Yes I know, that is beyond delinquent! But honestly, there's just too many things happening. So while I was living life, somehow, I let my domain expire. And in that time, a bot or someone, scooped up my domain name and is now offering it in an auction?! Sigh, can you imagine all the time and effort it would now take to change everywhere I have used "Vanpinni Designs" if I were to change this brand name? Yes, people do it. And it's not like I have a huge following. "But sweet baby jesus!!" I love that quote, btw.

Apparently, last year, when I signed up to get a domain name, I decided to save money and not automatically renew. After one year, I'd know wether this was a hobby or a new company. cough* cough*, a year goes by quickly.

So now I'm faced with, do I change the name, simply taking off the "s", so it's not a crazy change? Do I pay the auction? I'd say no on principle. or do i …

And now, mid-March, already?!

Can you hear it? The sigh of "where, oh where on earth, does time go?" Guess what? I still haven't finished my Pinterest Power book I bought at the end of this summer!! But, I am right at the end. The juicy part I probably should have skipped to, instead of reading it cover to cover. I didn't want to miss anything.

What have I learned so far? That Pinterest is definitely one of the best ways to get eye balls to your store or site, indefinitely. Each time a new product is posted to my store, I do try to remember to post it on Pinterest also.

It's a tiny start, to getting your products out there. The Facebook groups I used to look at daily, and comment on, adding my store link and playing the "Follow Game", became tiresome. Did it really help in the long run? I don't know. Didn't feel like it. It all started to feel like a lot of work for little reward. So I stopped.

Now I have some items listed in my Etsy Wholesale page, but each time I see the 5…

Mid February Already!?

Ok, what happened? A month went by already since my last blog post. It's hard. I'll say it. There's a million things you should be doing, you want to be doing, and things you actually get to. This past month, I feel like I've learned a few little nuggets of shaping my business. I finished the "Etsy Empire" book, with some good things to try. But I think the most meaningful take away was this:

You need to express what makes your shop/goods so special. 

This makes sense if you think about the materials you're using. For me, I'm seeking out 14k gold filled, sterling silver, and now Argentium silver, which is a higher quality silver that is tarnish resistant. But everyone else under the sun, or so it seems, is designing jewelry using gold and silver. But, not Argentium! So, taking baby steps, since it is a more expensive metal, I bought some materials to make 2 necklaces. Then I started creating Collection names for the shop. Not just "Jewelry" o…

What I've Learned So Far, Reading, "Etsy Empire"

I'm almost through reading "Etsy Empire". Now, mind you, I haven't read the absolute beginning part still, but before I put the book down, I'll definitely look at the preliminary pages. So...have I learned anything mind blowing? I've dog earred a few pages with info worth going back to. Let's look now at some of them.

Pg 23: "Sell stuff that people already want to buy"
So here, they're suggesting you take a look at what's coming up in the search fields of Etsy. That makes sense. For me, I see a lot of personalization in ring dishes as popular items. Jewelry, I haven't tuned in yet to a BIG seller, because it's so huge. Maybe birthstone options. And that's an area I'm looking into by creating January Birthstone Garnet pieces. 

Pg 73: "Tags and additional SEO"
Tags are super important. You get about 30 chances to use good ones on Etsy. Mentioned in this chapter is a tool that can help compare 2 similar tags f…