Saturday, June 26, 2010

Getting my foot into a store to sell

Well, after months, maybe years of thinking about approaching a Bklyn store, about carrying some of my cards, I finally did it this week. What an easy process! At least for this store. Apparently, another photographer is doing very well selling his blank cards at this Windsor Terrace stationery store. Only thing is, i'm not going to be making a profit with the margins on this batch. Since I only bought a few cards here and there, I didn't get the zazzle discount once you start buying in bulk, so with shipping, then adding logo stickers to each card, and stuffing them into cellophane envelopes, boom! Money out of pocket. But, my foot's in the door, right? If some cards sell, I can go forward and invest in a bulk, thereby making a meager profit. Ah...the artist's life.

1 comment:

  1. Making it's way to me via ground UPS, are about 50+ more cards from Zazzle, that I will bring to the Windsor Terrace Store. Wonder how sales are doing since bringing in the cards last week.


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