Sunday, August 6, 2017

"Pinterest Power" Thoughts So Far

Where does the time go? A month has gone by since my last blog post. In that time, I've purchased and started reading, "Pinterest Power" by Jason Miles and Karen Lacey. The biggest take away so far, is that when you post something to Pinterest, it's always out there in cyber space. People can stumble upon it years from now, and still be directed back to your site. Post something to Instagram? It's old news after a day or 2. Plus, depending on the tags you include, the amount of eyeballs seeing that post, depends on your existing followers and the tags used.

Before IG, I lived and breathed the joys of inspiring Pinterest posts. It amazes me, all the cool crafting, culinary, gardening, interior design, and travel ideas that are out there. But I thought the way to go was Instagram for marketing my new Etsy store. It is for some people, but boy, does it suck a lot of time every day. Which is why, I thought reading this book can help me to elevate my marketing efforts with less time devoted to it everyday.

I didn't realize that naming your board, was just as important as what you pin. It's how people will find your board when they type in a search for particular pins. Also, the title of your pins help in searches too. So each listing I have on Etsy, is now pinned to my store name's board.

Have I given up on IG? No Sirree...I'm just slowly trying to work on the two platforms. There's still so much to read, but this is what I'm learning right now.

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